On September 27th in 2012 we released our second album ‘Across The Seventh Sea’.
Is was the album that was never planned, as the original idea was to do 1 album only…

…anyway, to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary we made a huge plan for something that was originally unplanned. As a tribute to the album we will cross seven seas and rearranging the songs with culture musicians. We will record the tracks and release them to you.

Seven independent projects, seven releases spread over seven years: Maiden uniteD - The Seven Seas


‘The Seven Seas’ is a Maiden uniteD project besides all other Maiden uniteD activities.
The Black Sea is the first release out of seven.


Maiden uniteD + Moritz Weiß Klezmer Trio & Friends
The Black Sea

1. Die Zilberne Khasene
2. A Farsholtn Kind
3. 22 Akatsye Evenyu

Located between Europe and Asia,
the Black Sea baths the coasts of Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Georgia and Ukraine, being some of its most famous spots awesome Istanbul or the Bulgarian beach of Burgas.
It has been a quiet witness of the spot where European and Asian elements meet, and hides under its dark waters many secrets that have been known to be kept for centuries.

It is a Sea full of ancient stories and unrevealed mysteries. Some of them we have gotten to know, but how many to be discovered? Dare to come with us into the sounds of the Black Sea...




In March 2023 we will record the second chapter: The Ionian Sea