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The Atlantic Ocean

Like the ebb and flow of the Atlantic Ocean's tides, the haunting melodies of Portuguese Fado carry echoes of both sorrow and resilience. Born in the vibrant streets of Lisbon, Fado's soul-stirring music seems intertwined with the very essence of the ocean that borders the city. Just as the ocean's waves tell stories of distant lands and adventures, Fado's melancholic lyrics and emotive tunes evoke tales of longing, saudade, and the bittersweet embrace of the unknown.

As sailors once set off across the Atlantic's vast expanse, their hearts heavy with anticipation and uncertainty, Fado singers embodied the same emotions through their mournful voices. The ocean, acting as both a divider and a connector of worlds, served as a muse for Fado's themes of departure, solitude, and the yearning for reunion. The songs, with their lyrical poetry, resonate like the whispers of the ocean breeze, bridging the gap between the land and the sea.

Just as the Atlantic's currents carry secrets from distant shores, Fado's influence has rippled beyond Portugal's borders. The music's deep connection to the sea reflects the shared human experience of navigating life's vast uncertainties. It mirrors the Atlantic's ability to bring people and cultures together while acknowledging the ache of separation. In the Fado's mournful cadence, we hear the echo of sailors' calls, the tales of fishermen's struggles, and the emotions of families awaiting their return. And as the Atlantic's waves continue to caress the shores of Portugal, Fado's music endures as a poignant reminder of the unbreakable link between land, sea, and the stories they carry.


2 Minutos Para a Meia-Noite
Charlotte The Harlot

A Banda:
Eduarda SBlue: Fadista
Ricardo Gordo: Guitarra Portuguesa & Viola de Fado
Dennis Stratton: Guitarra acústica
Joey Bruers: Baixo

Gravaçoes e Mixed/Mastered by Ricardo Fernandes em Lisboa Portugal