The Dutch Iron Maiden fan club asked Joey Bruers to do a special show; something other than the regular tribute or cover band. With musicians from several bands he performed a set of rearranged acoustic Maiden songs. The reactions from the crowd were overwhelming.

The idea that became a show then became a project. A project to bring all kinds of musicians and fans from all over the world together to celebrate the music. With 5 studio albums and live shows through Europe this project presents classic Iron Maiden songs in a re-imagined form. Acoustic re-arrangements that transform the songs into something that Iron Maiden fans would have never imagined hearing. Over the years some 40 musicians have joined us on stage or in the studio.

During the 1980 shows the band will play all songs from the legendary first Iron Maiden album (1980) in special acoustic rearrangements featuring Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden Guitarist 1980) on guitar. Of course some more tracks of the previous Maiden uniteD albums will be played live. Dennis will play along with some other tracks as well like ‘The Trooper’ and ‘Wasted Years’

After 5 studio albums, the Amsterdam Carré show (2018), the ‘Sailors of the Sky’ Tour (2019), the Powerslave Tour (2022) is 1980 their next chapter.
For tourdates and more info go to: www.maidenunited.com

Strange World (audio)


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