When the Dutch Iron Maiden fan club asked Joey Bruers to do a special show it had to be something other than the regular tribute or cover band. With musicians from several bands he performed a set of rearranged acoustic Maiden songs. The reactions from the crowd were overwhelming.

The idea that became a show then became a project. A project to bring all kinds of musicians and fans together to celebrate the music. Maiden uniteD presents classic Iron Maiden songs in a new and exciting light. Acoustic re-arrangements that transform the songs into something that Iron Maiden fans would have never imagined hearing.


Marcela Bovio and Wudstik will join us on stage at the album presentation in W2 Den Bosch (NL) on May 22nd.

Remembrance album trailer
Click HERE to watch the album trailer for our upcoming album Remembrance

Unfortunately Bob Verschoyle and Perttu Kivilaakso will not be featured on the upcoming album as a result of conflicting schedules. Luckily Marcela Bovio from Stream of Passion has stepped in to provide the violin parts for Still Life '15. Furthermore, Wudstik will sing Aces High on the album.

New album guest
Barry 'Thunderstick' Purkis (Samson) has been added to the list of musicians playing on the upcoming album 'Remembrance'.

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